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DIY Chandelier Makeover

Chandelier Makeover

This is one of those projects that I started months ago and had to set aside because of these horrid little things called responsibilities. There were things that I needed to do that took precedence over things I wanted to do. (I really hate when that happens.)

But……….. my chandelier waited patiently for me and now the time has come for its makeover. This little baby is going to hang in our foyer with my crazy cowhide walls.

Full disclosure: My husband HATES this chandelier. I think he was hoping for something a little more rustic or industrial. Oh well, you can’t win them all Baby.

Since most of our foyer is going to be more rustic, I really wanted a tiny bit of bling. So, after spending a little too much time in the craft store, and probably a little too much money, I came home with all kinds of sparkly beads and crystals and then………….. well that’s when it went into a box and was set aside.

                  ……………………..Fast forward several months………………



It finally came back out and I got to work. Unfortunately, one of the pendants that I loved and was supposed to pick up at another store, was discontinued. That’s what happens sometimes when you put things off for eight months. And trust me, I searched the internet and the stores but to no avail.  So decisions were made, beads were strung, and pendants were switched out for feathers. You read that correctly, feathers.  And finally, It was complete. 


chandelier makeover

chandelier makeover           

chandelier makeover


I love my new (old) chandelier! It’s going to look even better when I finish the cowhide foyer walls with the rustic trim. I constantly have people asking when I’m going to finish the foyer, so hopefully I can get to that soon. I will definitely be posting about it.  

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