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Cardboard box makeover

Cardboard Box Makeover

I know, I know. I just published a post on a DIY storage box makeover. Buuuuuut, my daughter informed me that she needed a container to hold her books so they wouldn’t slide all over her trunk. We looked for something that was the size she needed but couldn’t find what she wanted. It had to be large, but kind of shallow so she doesn’t have to dig.


While we were out a couple of weeks ago, she spotted a fabric that she really liked. So, as I was trying to come up with ideas for decorating yet another cardboard box, I kept that in mind. I wanted to keep this project simple and quick so you don’t get a tutorial. Just a Before and After. Sorry. She really needed to use it ASAP.

cardboard box makeover
Cardboard box makeover


I scavenged through my studio and came across a roll of wrapping paper from Ballard Designs that was recently given to me. I knew it would go perfect with the fabric that she had pointed out. So I ran out and purchased a couple of yards of fabric, and amazingly enough, the fabric was less than $4 per yard! I’m still dumbfounded at the price, especially since my daughter has more expensive taste than I do.


The project ended up going faster than I thought. I cut the box down to the correct height, glued the script wrapping paper on the sides, and quickly made a liner for the box. I realize that a cardboard box with wrapping paper glued on it is probably not the most durable option. Not when its going in the trunk of a car with books being thrown in it. But hey, it was less than $10 and does the job for now.

Besides, it was fun to make and turned out totally adorable .

Cardboard box makeover
Cardboard box makeover

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