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Save 90% on Cording

With the cost of everything rising these days, it’s always nice to find a tip or trick to save money. I’ve made custom slipcovers for years and my prices have always been better than most, but over the years as the prices of simple things, such as cording, have gone from $0.20 per yard to $1.00 per yard, it’s getting harder and harder to quote reasonable rates. A sofa with multiple cushions can take 50-55 yards of cording easy, and at $1.00 per yard, that was seriously eating into my profits.


A few years ago, while out picking up supplies for my next project, I just stood in the fabric store staring at the cording. I couldn’t believe I was going to have to drop $50 just to buy the cord to make welting for my client’s sofa. I knew I was going to have to raise my prices considerably or come up with something else.


As I wandered the isles, I spotted a package of cotton clothesline and the lightbulb went on! 100 ft (33.3 yards) of 3/16 inch cotton clothesline for $4.99! And it’s almost the exact same thing! I immediately put the cording back and grabbed two packs of clothesline. I was so excited to find a solution that saved me $40.00.


A couple of weeks later, I needed more but didn’t feel like driving 30 minutes to the fabric store. So, I ran down to a local discount store and sure enough, they had a whole bin. But the even better news was that the clothesline was priced at $2.99!


That’s around a 90% savings!


Needless to say, I’ve been using cotton clothesline instead of the cording you purchase by the yard, ever since. And recently I found an even smaller diameter than the 3/16 inch for only $1.99! It just keeps getting better and better. And yes, it looks the same, feels the same, and sews the same.

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